3 Mistakes that Almost Every Amateur Bloggers Make [2020]

Have you just started blogging or just entered the digital world?

Then this article will help you to avoid those mistakes made by many amateur bloggers on their blogs.

In this post, I will be sharing some mistakes that you should avoid at an initial stage.

Now blogging became so competitive that without proper knowledge and strategy, you won’t get rankings.

Avoiding these mistakes will not only give a better start to your blogging career.

Let’s talk about mistakes amateur bloggers do.

1. Using a Free Domain

Choosing a free domain name ( is one of the biggest mistakes every blogger makes when he starts his blogging career With a free domain name.

At the starting stage, all of us choose a free domain and even I did the same.

But after doing a lot of hard work on that free domain, I didn’t get the results that I should get.

After reading a lot of articles and research I got to know that free domains do not perform as the custom domains do.

So, I migrated to a custom domain name and saw a clear difference between rankings.

So, I highly recommend you to get a good domain name Like, which are brandable and easy to remember.

If you made a mind of purchasing a domain then, go with these domain name providers like NameCheap and Godaddy who give the best customer service.

Having your own domain name you more control on your website and helps you to establish yourself as a pro blogger.

Here is the disadvantage of using a Free Domain Name:

  • Free domain providers didn’t give you full access to the domain name.
  • Domain provider has full access to delete your domain and You’ll lose all your content.
  • Free domains can’t be indexed in the search engines properly.
  • Free domains are SEO unfriendly.

2. Not Choosing a Good Hosting

This is the second biggest blogging mistakes almost every blogger makes when they are in the starting phase of blogging.

If you don’t have a good hosting or using any free hosting, then you are committing a huge mistake.

Using Good hosting is essential for every blogger.

If you are using free hosting like, then you may have less control over your blog and you won’t have enough options to customize your blog.

When you start blogging career with free hosting you do not get the exposure you deserve. Even though you work hard, you are not considered serious about blogging.

And, If you are using any cheap or free hosting, then there is more chance that you lose all your content If that company shuts down.

There are tons of hosting providers in the market who promise to provide Fast Speed, Unlimited Bandwidth and 24X7 Support. But, some don’t stand on their promise.

So which hosting should you use? 

I highly recommend you to never buy hosting from unknown, non-reputed brands as always prefer buying hosting from A2Hosting, Bluehost or SiteGround.

I personally use A2Hosting for my sites because of 20X fast Speed, good customer support at an affordable price.

Detail guide to purchasing A2 Hosting:

Step1: Click on this special discounted link to get 51% OFF on SSD hosting.

3. Blog Design

What is the very first thing you notice when you visit a website?

Of course, everyone notices the look and design of the website.

The design of your blog decides how long users will stay on your blog and read your articles.

The first impression is the last impression”.

Your blog should be responsive and compatible with mobile-friendly interfaces.

I know as a newbie, You don’t have a budget to purchase premium themes and plugins.

But, if you could then never hesitate to go with premium themes and consider it as an investment to your blog.

If you use free themes it doesn’t give you good speed and your blog will not be optimized for SEO, which could be hard for Google to rank your blog.

So better choose a professional-looking theme, which could attract your readers and loads fast to save their time.

Are you confused to find premium themes?

Don’t worry! Here is the best-handpicked theme for you which I personally use.


GeneratePress is a theme that I’m using on this blog. It is a popular free WordPress theme that’s especially favored by professionals who build WordPress sites for clients and is the best lightweight theme I ever used.

GeneratePress is fully SEO optimized and Mobile friendly.

If you want a premium theme which gives you everything, Then go for GeneratePress

  • As​​​​tra Pro
  • Elegant Themes

Note: If you are looking to purchase any theme, then make sure you to buy it from my affiliate links, which would buy me a coffee and helps in staying focused. 😃

These were the most common blogging mistakes every amateur blogger is making when they start blogging. 

If you think that this post helped you to not repeat these mistakes and gave you a guide for your blogging career, Consider a share with your friends.

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And Is there any other amateurish mistake that you would like to add here in this list?

Do let me know via comments.

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